He quite enjoyed my feet today, I think. Or should I say his feet?


He tickled them and kissed them, but he also bit them. He bit my toes, hard. It was quite the contrast to the sensations that went before. No one has ever bitten the pads of my big toes. I loved it but I’m not sure why.


The more he indulges his fetish the more turned on I am by it, the more I want. There is something very hot about laying there, my feet on his chest, his hands running along my legs, his lips against my instep, his teeth sinking into them. There is something lovely about their being His, about my being His. I feel very much His when he plays with my feet. I wonder why this is? I wonder why I feel so completely His when he is enjoying my feet.


I just took a look at said feet. They aren’t as good a shape as they should have been for him. I haven’t been religiously putting lotion on them like I should to keep the soft and pink for him. This prompted a little fantasy though…


… his taking me to have my feet done and when they are done, and my feet or all pink and soft and fresh like a baby’s he carries me out so that no shoes go on them to mar their perfection, no ground to sully them… and then….and then he takes me and he lays me down and has His feet, His feet all pink and clean and soft, His feet to kiss, His feet to beat on and bite, He feet to fuck, all soft and pink and tender.