I haven’t posted in a few days. I’ve naturally been a bit “preoccupied”. There are a few of you who I correspond with off line and a few who read on a semi regular basis so I thought I would put this out here.

I’ve met with the surgeon, he is very posisitive. The tumor is a slow growing variety and we caught it early. There is every reason to believe that in the long run I will be fine. It just might be a rough couple of months to get there.  

I go under the knife on Monday. I honestly have no idea of what to expect. I’ve never had surgery before and much of it depends on what they find. Hopefully there will be not ugly surprises and I’ll be home Monday evening. But since I have made some friends out here in cyberland I’ve asked Maitre to come out and post an update. I am by nature a worrier so I try to allay the worries of others.

I have to say the anxiety comes and goes… it is gone during the day and weighs heavy on me as the night wears on. Much of it is the suspense of waiting to see exactly what they will find. But then again there is the anxiety of worrying about what might turn up. Am I repeating myself?

I thought of a really clever post earlier but it went out my other ear I’m afraid. Hopefully, I can come up with something pithy or insightful to leave you with before the cut me open.

Have I mentioned this just fucking sucks?!