I was asked not to delete anything but I do need to amend some things.  I am no longer His submissive. I have chosen instead to pursue are relationship with a woman, H.  It is not that I no longer love him. I do very much. But rather it is a deep sense of fulfillment that I find with H that moves me. While I feel as though women are my path I am also aware of how flexible I am. It may not be my path but rather my path for now.  I suppose time will tell if I am truly as lesbian.

What lies below is the former introduction. The image is one he sent me. The words were written for Us….

This started out as a submissives blog and in many ways it still is although now I’ve chosen to focus on images instead of my own inner musings.

He and I have grown and changed so much since it’s inception. Maitre and I ebb and flow. We come and we go. We’ve split and gotten back together. We’ve had times of feast and famine.

For now we are split but honestly I don’t see this lasting nor does he.