The more time I spend with my sweet H and talking to M (I’m glad we are back in touch) the more facinating nI find these women. I love the outward androgeny of both of them (both soft butch) paired with the unexpected feminine. The guys clothes and ball caps with a soft, scented, well groomed woman beneath. I love the outward appearance of masculinity but the very feminine cognitive states. I know H is going to wear something from the men’s department…yet she’ll ask me if what she has on is ok. I love talking about tea length hem’s with a woman in sweats and a ball cap.

But even more I love the stricktly feminine. The desire to talk and connect intensely, to reach out and touch all the time. That she reads me as if I wear speaking my mind (although this quality has proven dangerous). I’ve thought I’ve had these things with a man but they have only been shadows of it. With a woman the volume is turned all the way up.