I used to make a point of exersizing the visual part of my brain every day. I would look at the websites of different artists or take my camera out for a walk. I don’t do that so much any more. My new job requires far more of me in all ways. My weekends are filled with my sweet H. And, well, maybe I just hit a lull. Who knows.

But I think I’m feelng a shift and I think I know where I want it to go. There are two directions that have interested me for a while; people and places.

The first is people but more specifically women. I would love to do a series of portraits but finding the models is hard. I have a friend at work with a wonderful soft vulnerablity to her . I would love to capture H’s curves and softness.

The second direction is more technically challenging but doesn’t require the cooperation of anyone but myself. I love pools of light. I love the lone house under a street light off in the country. I love the garish light of a gas station and the vignette of people going about their evening. I was driving back from Smithfield the other night. It was late and all along route 10 everything was shut down solid. There were country stores at cross roads that called to me. Abandoned trailers caught in my head lights that begged to be photographed. A country church lit by a street lamp with the top of the bell tower slowly fading away in the dark. The pool of light and how you feel that you are being given the chance to peek into the private vulnerability of anothers existance. These images I can begin to work on.

Hopefully soon I’ll post something.