I’ve been on my annual pilgrimage to see my father in the south of France. The intensive time alone with my husband has made things crystalize for me. Now granted away from ones life and reality is not the place to make drastic life altering desicions but when it serves to only confirm what your gut has been telling you…well then maybe it’s time to listen.

I no longer have any tolerance for my husbands touch. He small affections, yes. But anything that is more suggestive I just cringe from. This is new since M came back into my life. Since M came back my life has been turned on it ear.

So, I must leave but I don’t know how.
I don’t know what to say let alone how I’ll work through the logistics. My salary is laughable. My real struggle for now is what to tell him. Do i tell him the truth? Or do I give him something nebulous that spares his feelings?

He is a good man. I hate the idea of hurting his feelings. But if I am open and honest maybe there is some sort of hope. I would certainly want to be treated with candor.