“…until waiting fills.” –  it is a line from a Robert Heinlein Novel, I believe  A Stranger in a Strange Land.   It was also the name of a coffee shop in the French Quarter. It was in an old garage and they would open the big doors. You would sit there, on mismatched thrift store furniture sipping your cappuccino watching the world go by and listening to the echoes of foot fall on the narrow French Quarter streets. This was long before sipping cappuccino became popular anywhere other than New Orleans and long, long before any of us in the US had heard of a latte. 

But my point isn’t the little trip down memory lane, my point is the quote “….until waiting fills.” I love this quote. I think these three words are perhaps some of the most eloquent I have had the pleasure of reading. How long will you wait? Until waiting fills. It is more than just patience. It is the acknowledgement that things will come to pass in their own time and in their own way.

I am terrible at waiting until waiting fills. 

And so it is now. I wonder what is rattling around in that head of hers. She feels a million miles away. 

I want to be impatient with Maitre too but that isn’t so easy to do. I can’t bug him to death. 

“…until waiting fills.”  …. and I chafe.