Sometimes I wonder what makes for a successful blog. Mine is by no means wildly successful. I have a handful of readers on any given day and I really don’t know how many are return readers. Well no, that’s a lie. I know at least one is a return reader and a number of the blogs I link to have returned the favor, but is that due to content or courtesy?

Would my blog be more successful if I add it to the roll of a site like ? (this in itself is a little experiment).

Do I want my blog to be more successful? That sounds too much like work.  There are certainly days that content is little more than drivel and it is stylistically a farce. If I seek to gain readership then do I need to start actually paying attention to what I write? You know, little shit, like proof reading. Or would I like to just plug merrily away with my random thoughts that bear witness to a life that will fade into obscurity when it is done.