I told Maitre the other day that I loved his tickling me. I love the way it makes me giggle and feel like a little girl. I love how it tortures me and rides that fine line between pleasure and pain. I also love how I’ve given one more tool in his tool.


I told him that he could reduce me to tears if he wanted. I am so ticklish that I can be reduced to a cowering, mess on the floor, begging for my attacker to stop. And when I say begging? I mean begging, for real, the “I’ll do anything you want just please stop tickling me” variety of begging.


I didn’t tell him where the hot button are but I did tell him that once he’s found them and get’s me rolling my entire body becomes ticklish much like once you turn me on my entire body becomes an erogenous zone.


He thanked me for telling him I am ticklish citing how most people find it simply annoying. Well… I do too. I find it almost painful but I do so love working to endure what he puts me through.


Hmmm…. a thought just occurred to me.  Is that submission? Or is that a power struggle? Is my setting my teeth and enduring his ministrations really my enduring for him? Because, I can see where it could be painted as “Ta hell if I’m going to give you the satisfaction! “also.