You bent me backwards. You bent me so far backwards I could see a couple in the mirror. She, subject to his whim, chest and belly laid bare to his hungry mouth. He, with smooth head bent over her devouring her. And then, as quickly as the vision had come it was taken from me. No time to think, not time to ponder the poetics of submission. I am suddenly reduced to sensation and reaction. Suddenly my reality is immediate, visceral, coming at me in the pain of my scalp and sharp staccato blows across my face.


Later you would cover me completely. Your outsized stature swallows my tiny frame. I am buried in the dark of your arms, your weight extinguishing any thought of movement…as if there is any to start with. Warm darkness, breath in my ear, weight pinning me and cock slamming into my sore pussy over and over. Simply, powerfully, totally consumed, objectified. Beneath you, your length stretched over me, I am little more than a vehicle for your stimulation. You watch in the mirror. You couldn’t have seen much more than you’re having an anonymous ass. Was that lovely Daddy? Was the turn on in taking this faceless, nameless female body?


While my submission was complete and unchanging your dominance shifted in mood and tone. You moved through hunger, to violence and on to objectification stopping along the way at many places I haven’t take the time to name. You take us on wonderful rollercoaster rides on which I hang on for dear life never knowing how it will twist or turn. I gladly am tossed about to satisfy you. I am gladly challenged by the pain that makes you rock hard. And I am gladly little more than faceless form of stimulation.


I had a lovely time today Daddy… thank you.


A note to the chance reader: Do not doubt for one moment that I am loved, cherished and taken care of. He pours far more into me than I could ever repay him with my body.