Leather tit because that’s about what it feels like, leather. I’m exhausted going to hang out with a friend and do nothing but sit around requires a 3 hour nap after, yet I can’t see to sleep through the night. My breast itches and I think the skin is going to split open. You know I almost made it through the entire course of radiation with no adverse side effects besides a bitchin’ tan… until this past week.

I try to stay thankful and focused on the fact that it could be so very much worse but it’s hard to be resilient when your so tired you don’t have the energy to not have energy.

I miss my horse. I miss me. I need a vacation. I’m trying not to whine …. but its getting hard. I know this will pass. I know it will be fine. I’m just ready for it to be over with. … and to think, I’m one of the lucky ones.