Maitre commented on how my blog has become quiet. I suppose it’s because my posts would mostly look like the previous post.

I do have other posts to make. My time with A is worth discussing but first it needs to be discussed with her.

And of  course I should have posted about Matire’s home coming. I could have and should post about how he scooped me up and just held me for the longest time; about how it felt so very good just to lay quietly in his arms, feeling safe and loved. I should share about how it made my heart content and quieted me to share my time with A with him. It has come to be so easy and feel so right to hand everything over to him. I could write about wonderful it felt not to have to go seeking affection but to have it given freely. And I should most certainly post about about how we almost had vanilla sex and how amazingly lovely it would have been even if we hadn’t broken into a bit of play.

But you know what? I’m just too tired to do it justice.