In writing the last post it occurred to me how excited I am and how privileged and lucky I feel to be the one she spreads her wings with. Maybe it won’t take. Maybe she’ll walk away having changed her mind and that is fine too. But it doesn’t feel that way at all.

From what he has said of his conversations with her and from what I have picked up this is truly a blooming. Let’s face it, the woman told me she was “pumped”… I don’t think she’s going to stick her big toe in the water and change her mind….although, who knows I could be wrong.

I’m just so excited and think it is so cool that it will be on me, with me, that she feels the pulse in her veins.

Thank you Maitre. Thank you for putting me in her care and thank you for giving my dear friend this chance to spread her wings for the first time in the safety of arms that she knows love her.