Everyday I feel safer with him. Every day I feel more loved by him. Not a day seems to go by anymore in which at some point his regard and caring for me are not manifest. Not a day goes by anymore in which I don’t love him just a little bit more.

In my last post I shared how he has left me in A’s care while he is away and that I am excited about it. She is too and there is most definitely a budding Domme in my friend. A Domme who it looks like will get to cut her teeth on my flesh….mmmm. And like I said I trust them both. I know he wouldn’t leave me in the care of someone who was irresponsible or did not care for me. But that does not mean I have been without concerns.

My biggest concern has been how this has the capacity to change all three relationships… four relationships, really. There are the three individual relationships but then there is the relationship shared by all three of us. I’ve worried that she is really unaware of the strength of what she’s about to experience if it really clicks for her and I think it will. I think she is unprepared for the emotional impact of fullilling one’s internal dynamic needs. And I think she is unprepared for what it could do to she and I.

I’m assuming it is the same for Dom(me)s as submissives. I know when I first “went there”, the very first time I consciously and purposefully embraced my submission it was like being clobbered over the head. It was where I wanted to be, it was where I needed to be…and I had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to stay there. I’ve watched what it doest to a relationship as well. It can create one hell of a bond and it certainly has the ability to facilitate romantic feelings. Although, we are not romantic partners though I will admit to being sweet on her and I think it’s mutual.

Now I’m not really being “gloom and doom” as Maitre would call it but you have to stop and wonder… who will she be? How will she be? When we get to the end of our 11 days. I wonder what I would have been like if I had been able to indulge my submission at will so much when I first really felt it course through my veins. I don’t think it will be negative, not at all. I do think it will be powerful.

I really don’t know how it may or may not change these relationships. But what I do know? Is that he has thought about this, considered it, spoken to both of us about it individually. What I do know is that and what he has shown me again today…is that he loves me and I am safe with him.