He hasn’t even left and I miss him already.

He leaves Wednesday for eleven days. I was suppose to see him today but out of all the days we’ve had in the past eight years it has to snow yesterday. We don’t get much snow “in these parts”… as a result businesses and schools were closed and so our plans completely FUCKED! What about tomorrow you say? BIG BIG maybe. I’ll hope but I won’t count on it. Why set myself up for disappointment.

He’s left me in A’s care. Who is A you ask and why have I been left in her care? 

A is a very dear friend of mine. I believe I’m mentioned the potential for her to join our play before. No? Well she finally did and it turns out little Miss Vanilla… isn’t so vanilla. She’s got budding Domme in her. So he is leaving me in her care. He’s given her directions and three tasks but beyond that I am hers for the eleven days. 

This should be interesting no?  I am definitely looking forward to this. I wonder what he has up his sleeve and what he’s put up hers and why.  I wonder if there is a rhyme or reason to his tasks? Lessons for me to learn or experiences to bring out her fledgling Domme. Or maybe they were just chosen for his pleasure alone in knowing what is going on.

BUT while I am looking forward to it she’s just not him. It’s not that I don’t love her. I do! I trust her and love her completely. And I trust him and love him completely. I know he would not give her a task that was beyond her at the moment. I know he would not put me in danger or put our friendship in danger. But she’s just not him.

Ok, I know that sounds really simplistic and fundemental…. that’s because it is.

I love my Daddy, my Maitre, my friend, my lover… I love his voice, his hand around my throat, his sweet caress of my cheek. I love his lap. I love my hand lost in his. I love the soft sounds of his accent. I love his bald head…especially with a day or two’s worth of growth on it.

I’m looking forward to what he wants of she and I? But I hate that he is going away.