Just a quick update on my medical life. Today finishes week 2 of 6 in my radiation treatments. I’m swollen, sore from the swelling and the skin is juuussst beginning to get sore. It is definitely pink. 


They are concerned that because I am turning pink already that I might have a “tough time” with the radiation. When I asked what “a tough time” meant I was informed that some women peel. Well I guess that makes sense… it’s a radiation burn after all.  But when I dug a little further the nurse frankly told me that it is like the first layer of skin coming off. Mmmmm… lovely (not).  They have adhesive foam they give you to help cover the raw peeled area’s. Joy. I’m soooo looking forward to this.


I keep telling myself that it could be much much worse. I am dodging the bullet on the cancer. I could be fighting for my life instead I’m just going through this to make sure that any loose buggers are fried out of existence. A friend described it as barbaric… he is right.


I’ve got other news but I’ll put the happy fun stuff in another post.