This post isn’t about what you think. It has nothing to do with D/s.


I have a graduate degree in a field of research in the social sciences. OK whoop-d-shit. That and 5 bucks will get me a cupa joe. But what that graduate “education” did do was train my brain to think critically. I would say such an education in any field of research be it quantum physics or history trains you to do this.


Why it is that critical thinking and “education” aren’t taught hand I hand? You can teach a 3 year old to think critically. It may be about 3 year old things but they can do it. Critical thinking is all in answering the ‘whys’ of life with something more relevant and substantial than “because I want”. We stuff a bunch of facts in our heads and call it education, when what we should be doing is teaching ourselves how to think.


Critical thinking is all about asking the right question so you can get to the correct answer… or closer at any rate. You can’t find anything out if you don’t ask questions. What happens if I do this? What caused this? Where did that go?


So my newest question is… why on earth don’t we teach this to our children as they are growing up? Why don’t the schools incorporate it? And why on earth don’t they do it purposefully? I wasn’t faced with the idea figuring out how to frame a question so I find the answer I need until college.   


We are generally taught to think in this way in relation to the physical world.  What Maitre’s calls a ‘tinker with it’ attitude. Some of us are obviously more prone to it than others. But why aren’t we taught to ask that about behavior, let alone our own behavior.


The biggest question you can ask yourself is “why do I feel/think/wish…”, “what need will that fill in me”, “why do I harbor that feeling?  The hardest thing you can do is ask yourself these questions of things that you may not like the answers too.


What, Where, When, How, and Who….  Apply them to yourself.


What do I want Y? What do I think of X?  Why do I want or think? When do I?, How do I? Who does it affect?


None of us do anything in life that does not affect those around us. EVERYthing we do sends ripples outward around us. Just because we don’t know of the effects our actions have does not mean they do not have effect.


What do you think the world would be like if each person was taught to think critically as they grew up?