The following is a letter that I wrote Him. I’ve decided to make it an open letter. Why? Because I want to shout this to the world. But also because I can think of no better way to own my submission to him than to make it a public declaration.

Mon Cher Maitre-

You are so heavily on my mind today. Why more today than yesterday? I’m not sure maybe with today things have started to sink in a bit. As you mentioned this last couple of weeks have been filled with growth for Us and US.

This week especially I think. This week for the first time you’ve really taken steps to go where you want to take us. You have been testing my limits afresh, finding where that bit of resistance is that you will eventually push me past. You’ve started asking me to dig deeper and taking more freely. You’ve begun to degrade me and I just absolutely swoon when I think of this.

I love where we are going, though I can’t see what’s ahead very clearly (nor would I want to). I love that it brings us closer. I love that it excites us both (really beyond words for me). I love that it (I think) will entrench our dynamic that much more. I love that it makes the soft tender moments all the more soft and tender. I love that it makes me feel that much smaller and more helpless against you. I love all of it and I love what it does to my heart, my feelings for you. I can feel them unfolding in me, opening.

My desire to submit to you has grown to such a degree with the opening of our flood gates that it is visceral and beyond words. At long last I truly feel it in my gut and * know* I will degrade myself for your touch, your pain, your pleasure when the day comes that you ask it of me. I say “when”, because my gut tells me it’s not an “if”.

And when I think of all of this? I feel flooded. My muscles grow weak, my clit throbs and my heart fills.

Devotedly – Your little one