A damn medical test that doesn’t find something wrong with me!!!  Yesterday’s colonoscopy found no polyps, no spots, no nothing beyond diverticula which we already know I had. YAY!!!

The procedure itself is nothing. The versed works like a charm. I remembered absolutely nothing although I am assured that I was awake. Upon regaining my senses I was aware of no tell tale signs for feelings that someone had been up my butt with a camera. LOL . Seriously, they cleaned me up so well that there wasn’t ever the slightest trace of KY (which I am sure they must have used at some point and no soreness or discomfort. Then again whatever they slipped up me would be a fraction of Maitre’s girth so there is no reason for me to be surprised. 

The “prep” for it was singularly unpleasant though. The absolute worst part being the sludge you have to drink. It tastes like sea water, you body doesn’t want to drink sea water. If any reading this has to deal with this? Here is my hot tip…. instant lemonade. It finally got 2 liters of the crap down me. And to think I was suppose to drink 3 of the 4 in the jug. There was no way on god’s green earth that was happening!!

Anyway, it’s so very nice to have undergone that and know I’m good, that the diverticulitis was just that and not some secondary effect of something evil growing in me.

On ward and up ward!!!