To day is better. I’m not sure why but it is. It certainly doesn’t hurt that I spent some time this morning curled up in his lap, with the sunshine beating down on us, feeling safe and loved. I wish we had more time today. I could stand to spend sometime with the curtains drawn and the door barred as well.


I love this. I love the contrasts in the relationship. I love the sweet and warm, the snuggly and nurturing as much as I love the pain, the discipline and being bent to his will. I love that I am his friend and his lover, his submissive and his equal. I feel wrapped in a safe cocoon. I’m not even sure it is a matter of a D/s relationship. I think it is simply a matter of two people who both need to be strongly connected. The D/s is just how that need and connection manifest.  I miss it in the intervening stretches and often feel blown about by fate.


So this morning I feel brighter, less overwhelmed. This is good because I have a shit load of medical stuff to face in the next couple of days, none of it terribly bad or frightening thankfully just a bit wearing.


It’s nice to feel better, to feel brighter, to feel like I have my courage back.