Just a quick cancer update for anyone who is reading and following my drama. As you know the lumpectomy went great, my lymph nodes were benign and they got the whole thing taking a grand total of 7mm out of me. But tender is definitely the word and I have 2 lovely scars now. I’ll need to post the picture.


Last week was spent weighing the pro’s and con’s of the two radiological treatments available to me. I won’t bore you with the details, since they are pretty obtuse, but suffice to say that it wasn’t a cut and dry decision. It was also a decision that could conceivably impact me in the future. But we treat what I have today, and worry about tomorrow when it gets here.


I’m in a holding pattern at the moment. But it comes to a close tomorrow when I meet with both my radiologist and my oncologist.  I have a number of tests still out there than I haven’t heard back on. One them is a second indicator of how aggressive my cancer has the chance of being. The first one is estrogen receptivity. This one is another hormone indicator.  I’m also waiting to hear back on the genetic profile of my tumor. This test will give me a recurrence score. The two together will tell the docs if I need chemo. No body is expecting me to need it but nobody is making any promises.


Oh…and I get tattooed. LOL. They put little marks on me to line up the radiation be with. I’ve been toy with the idea of doing something creative with my scars too…but what I don’t know.


OK…that’s it… back to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.