I found myself thinking about safe words today, thinking about boundaries and safe words.

I found myself wondering about the zone between safe-wording and play acting. Is there such a thing as objecting “in scene”? LOL. By objecting in scene I don’t mean “no” but not really meaning it. Instead I mean saying “no, please don’t” and meaning it but saying to my sadist, my Maitre…not my lover, friend and Daddy. Saying it and meaning it but still be willing to leave it at the discretion of Him. I know I could stop him on a dime, that is never in question. But I love the edges and I’m drawn to that place that you come to where you feel it in your soul. I want to cry and beg…nay plead, meaning every word of it but still have him decide if I can go just a bit further. I want to reach that edge of genuine loss of control and feel along its razor sharp finish. I want my tears to be real. I want my fear to be real. I want to beg and for it to be real.

Is this consensual non-consent or is it something different?