…. that I was going to be harder to kill off than THAT!!  :dancing:

Yes, I have a morbid and twisted sense of humor, but we already knew that. LOL

We have good news right here in River City folks…. the nodes came back negative, meaning that the devils spawn in my body hadn’t left it’s little nesting area. So they cut it out and that should be it for surgery. Now, on to radiation and hormone therapy. …. sound the charge!

Obviously, I have gotten out here soon than Daddy has been able to. While I was looking forward to seeing his words on my blog , I am please as punch that I’m the one writing. Otherwise the news would not be so shiny bright and happy.  

Note to Daddy:  You are welcome out here if you want to be. If there is something about Us you would like to share. I would be honored to share this space with you. Really, any space for that matter 😉

OK… I see a in percocet my future so I’m outa here for now.  And allow me to say how nice it is to feel like my old self again. I was sooo scared that things were going to be worse than expected.