To my friends, new and not so new…. thank you for reaching out to me.  You all have been a blessing. To feel so much care and support coming of from people whom I have, for the most part, never met is wonderfully overwhelming. 

Not all that long ago I pondering virtual friendships….well, they are far from “virtual”. They are very real and many of them have been fuller, richer, and more devoted than my “real” friendships.  Some I have been lucky enough to meet, some I may never meet.  Some of you are kinky, some of you not…um…many of you are kinky actually. LOL. Regardless of what shape, size of proclivity you come in,  my cyber friends have been stallwart and loving. 

For many of you this isn’t the first crisis you’ve held my hand through. Many of you stood by my side when I lost my Bear.  You read my pain and suffered through long self indulgent emails.  Bear will be gone a year on the 28th. 

So…if I get self indulgent and fail to outwardly recognize how lucky I am, please do not think for one moment that you are unappreciated. Anything could be farther from the truth.