I get the warm fuzzies over the simplest things concerning him. 

The other day, he leaned in to tuck me into my drivers seat, as is his habit, and said gently into my ear “I love you”.  Yes, of course it was part being loved but it was also the quiet way in which he said it. Some would have made sure you were in a place to appreciate it, even perhaps a bit on the spot in hopes that you will return it, but not Daddy. He was happy to say it quietly and then close the car door to send me on my way. 

It wasn’t until a few moments later that it had sunk in what had happened. A quiet declaration of what was in his heart with no context to make an excuse for it, said without ego, but instead just placed gently in my lap to take with me.

It is perhaps this quality that I love best in him, a quiet humbleness, a warmth that does not demand reciprocation but draws it gently from me. He does not demand its return, he wouldn’t want it if it did not come of its own volition.

Does he know that along with it he draws from me devotion that is steadfast and submission that reaches deep into my core?

I don’t understand Dominants that are full of ego. I met one for a beer once. He told me that he was the most dominant man I would ever meet. I told him that my (then) Dom had more dominance in his little finger, without ever feeling a need to declare it (of course), than he would ever have. I have no use for the type. They have no sexual appeal, the certainly draw no submission from me and would never win my allegiance. But my lover, my Maitre, my Daddy, with his big warm open hand(and heart)…well my heart is on its knees for him.