Sometimes I just don’t see the forest for the trees. This is especially true when one of the few raw nerves I have gets rubbed. I had a real dumb bunny of a moment yesterday. I mean really, something along the lines of a Flemish Giant .


I doubted him and I was scared. It was completely irrational. My trust lapsed and I reacted, when I should have acted. I sought the council of another (thank you) instead of going to Maitre right away.  My confidant of course told me what I knew deep in my heart, that it was he I needed to talk to.


So why is this a dumb bunny moment? Because it was nothing to get so upset over (I’m not going to publicly humiliate myself by telling you) but more importantly I KNOW in my head, in my heart, down to my very toes that my wellbeing is first and foremost with him. Like a child, in her parent’s care, my wellbeing is always first. That doesn’t mean I get what I want and it doesn’t mean that I will always like what I get but it does me it will never be his aim to hurt my heart and that I am always safe. He has never given me so much as a whisper of a reason not to trust him.


We did talk, sooner rather than later. But I should have just taken it to him and I didn’t. My trust lapsed over something so small and so simple and for this I am truly sorry Daddy.