A post on another blog got me think. She was talking about how she is sick and how that brought out the nurturing side of her master. She wasn’t so sure she cared for it. I started thinking about our dynamic and what I take away from it.

Although, I’m not sure Maitre would call himself a “Daddy Dom” he certainly fits the description. He is a nurturing strict disciplinarian, a warm and caring sadist. I love the juxtaposition inherent in the two rolls living in one man. It really speaks to all of me. How comfortable he must be in his skin to embrace both ends of the spectrum. It moves him to see me hurt, to make me cry, to make me reach for my submission to him. But he is equally moved by caring for me and doting on me. With him I get to curl up small and vulnerable, reach for my inner strength, I get to grow in my trust, I get to be both his little one and his whore, his princess and his slut.

I took this thought further and I thought of how I see this love of contrast manifest in much of my life. It’s in my new interest in switching. It’s in my home which is a riot of colors, it is in our scale (he is very tall, I am very small), I love summer as much as I love winter. Don’t make me endure the middle of the road! I love the city, love the country, hate suburbia. Happy listening to bluegrass or classical, not into pop radio. I will gladly tuck in to a set of spare ribs, getting my fingers all sticky and greasy or eat a 7 course meal at a fine restaurant… but I don’t see McD’s as food. Beat me, whip me make me write bad checks or treat me as your precious little thing but please don’t bore me with middle of the road missionary sex and all the trappings of a vanilla (read bland) life.

So I suppose the answer for me, why his being both my Daddy and my Maitre works so well is that I get it all. I get to be a small and vulnerable girl. I get to be tough “go ahead and do your worst you can’t break me” woman.

Any others out there who this speaks to?