So I’m sitting here missing Maitre. I’m thinking about how I want some contact, nay need some contact. I physically ache I need contact so badly. But I know it will probably be close to another week before I see him.


Then I start thinking about how lovely it would be to play with my sweet submissive, Jay. The only problem being that I am not allowed any gratification with him. The rules of play between J and I are as follows:

  1. My clothes must stay on and in place,
  2. No oral genital contact.
  3. I am not to orgasm.


I am considering breaking my rules.  I am seriously considering spending some time with him tomorrow evening with the express purpose of sexual contact. I am seriously considering going over tomorrow night to be serviced.  Allow him to rub my back, play with my body and satisfy me orally. All one sided. Maybe if he’s a good boy he can cum on my feet and lick them clean.


I really don’t know what Maitre will do with me. It was one thing when it happened that first time with out intent. It was my first real taste of topping and I got carried away. But to sit here and think of it purposefully and then actually seek it out?  That is truly worthy of a punishment… if not actually a deal breaker.


I’m not very much of a Domme, if I can’t control myself am I? Ergo, I should control myself and not break my rules. 


But damn do I want to feel that nice warm, wet, sensuous tongue on my pussy! J has a very talented tongue 😉