Maitre is gone for the next 10 days or so. Weather reports are such that I have cause to worry.  I do not have his exact itinerary so I can only make an educated guess as to what extent the weather is affecting his travel. Despite my worry this post isn’t about that. It’s about sharing information.


I know there are plenty of D/s, or M/s couples where the sharing of information would be purely at the whim of the Dominant. These would be couples in which if the submissive asked for her Dom’s itinerary she might be told that it wasn’t her place to know. I can tell you this submissive would not find herself in a relationship where her concern for her Dominant wasn’t treated with respect.


This is something we connected on almost immediately. Keep the lines of communication open on all things. Keep him posted as to what was going on and he would do the same. It seems like common courtesy, well actually it is common courtesy, but you might be surprised how many people fail to employ the concept.


I thought of asking him for his itinerary but I didn’t. I suppose I felt that if he wanted me to know he would have told me. I didn’t want to intrude where my attention wasn’t wanted. He’s chided me on this one already. He has correctly remarked that we have discussed this, yet I continue to fall into this habit. It’s not even a D/s thing. It’s an “I don’t’ want to intrude” thing, although it is undoubtedly the result of my submissive nature.


I know all I need do is ask on any matter. Granted not all things will be conceded to me. It greatly depends on the subject matter. But I happen to know this one would have been. Had I asked he would have told me, the how, what, when and where of his travels. We are both worriers by nature and so respect that in one another and understand that it comes from a warm fuzzy place in both of us. Not a cold controlling place.


But I didn’t ask. I let the submissive in me over ride the lover/friend/partner in me. Can it be argued though that this is a two sided agreement and that he should have volunteered the information? I’m not sure it can. It obviously didn’t occur to him and we both agree that I am as responsible for my own emotional / mental well being as he is. I have a voice. It is my responsibility to use it. When I choose not to use it then I need to take responsibility for not letting him know that a need is not being met. In this circumstance this need is simple information that would have resulted in peace of mind.