OK,  a ‘nilla friend that I’m out to asked me about collars and collaring. I gave her my answers and my impressions.  However, I am interested in the input of fellow submissive and Dom(me)’s.


If: Collars and collaring are most often mentioned in the consensual slavery population where they are regarded as a symbol of ownership.


Then: How did I end up with one?


Thursday I was quite content to receive mine from the man I call my Maitre. Maitre is French for master. Yet I do not define myself as a slave nor does he think of me as one. At least not that he’s expressed to me.



In short, how do you see the collaring as fitting in to a D/s relationship, as opposed to a M/s relationship.


Why did he want  me to have his?


I feel like there is a missing link in here somewhere. Is there something I am missing?



Why don’t I ask him? Oh I will, and he will eventually see this but for now he is away for close to two weeks so I’m at play in the land of blogs without immediate supervision 😉