Sometimes a girl just wants to be taken. She doesn’t want to yield, she doesn’t want to voluntarily give herself over… just wants to be taken, raped even. She wants to struggle. She want’s to feel genuinely helpless. And she may even want to be scared as to how out of her control the situation really is.  

Sometimes I’m that girl. At those times I always intend to bring the brat out to play. I plan on pushing his buttons good and hard  him. Although I know in reality I can’t. I know in reality he is rock steady and fully in control of who he is…as he should be.   

It doesn’t matter anyway because I never do get bratty with him. I can have all of these thoughts on my way there. They can be swirling around in my head up until the very moment I knock on the door. But the moment I see him, the moment he touches me… I am his. Any thoughts of bratty behavior, of punching buttons or other wise trying to provoke him fall away. I am completely tame and compliant. 

I would like just for once to keep my head about me and toss at him the spit and vinegar as planned. Of course, it would probably just backfire on me. I would probably end up nothing but infuriated when he didn’t take any of my bait. …. Sigh… a girl can’t win for losing. 😉