I read the post of a sister submissive today. It made me very sad. I worry for her a great deal. 

This post also served to reaffirm how lucky I am to have Maitre. He has done nothing but treat me with respect and kindness from the first. He treats me with love and caring making the wellbeing of his Bella his priority. Yes, he is my Dominant and yes, he is a sadist. Not to worry those elements are imbedded in that respect, kindness and love I talk of.  His cruelty is a kindness. His passion for my pain a manifestation of his love for me. I am his lady and his whore, his brat and clay to mold. By loving and accepting all of me respects me. 

How could one not wish to yield to such a man? How could I resist any desire of his? Our circumstances sometime frustrate me. I long to give all of myself to him but your lives make this impossible. 

I have a secret. Sometimes I sit and think what it might be like if I were free to give myself to him without limitations on us and truly no limits on me. I wonder what it might be like to sink to my knees at his feet, staying there in my heart until he is done with me.  I can see it…it’s dark outside the windows, I am naked, knees under me, forehead pressed to the floor as he stands above me… am I cold? Perhaps. Am I tired? I might very well be. Do parts of me burn from ministrations’? Most definitely. But still I am his.   

Daddy, do you know how much your quiet and steady respect and nurturing, coupled with the hunger of the beast within you, has grown me? You have taken a grieving widow, a woman whose trust was tentative at best, and a young girl who is still at times small and frightened and helped her to grow and feel strong. In this strength she can do what she longs to do… yield. I am yours not because you how have cowed me, deceived me or hurt me. I am yours because I am stronger than I was when we met and in that strength is the ability to let go, to become powerless.