Once again I am brought back to words. I am watching how my reactions change towards the words that he speaks. Words that might have once been ambiguous now create a stir, words that were once a relief to hear now cause excitement and words that once would have frightened me now are welcome.


I still don’t rely on words, after all they are just random sounds slipping from between our lips. I trust their tonal quality. I certainly trust the behaviors that coincide with them. I also believe the choices made are telling in many ways.


Maitre’s words have been inclusive, to one degree or another, almost since the beginning but the force and emotion behind them has changed and so have his choices. The take away has been consistent for months now.


Bonded but not rigid. “We” but not bound. Coupled but loosely. 


What do his words ultimately say to me?  Trust me because I will continue to show you that you can.. Stay because you feel valued not because you feel worthless. Submit out of desire not fear