I had no idea this woman was inside me.  This dominant woman, this sadistic woman, she is new territory for me. Twice this week I crawled inside that skin. And twice this week I reveled in it. Do I love and long any less to submit to my master? Absolutely not. After all can’t a person enjoy a fine red wine and a shot of tequila too? Sure, just not together, and so it is with switching. You can’t wear both skins at once. 

I also find that putting on my dominant skin makes me just a wee bit less pliable to Maitre initially. I wonder if he likes it that way? I wonder if that is part of why he is encouraging my dominance? Or maybe its just a nice bit of extra.

So who is this woman? I find that given the right circumstances that she is quite evil, just a really bitch. Given other circumstances she is much like her own dominant; loving, desirous of compliance, enjoys making her sweet submissive squirm and enjoys hurting him as much as he wants to be….and just a little bit more. 

It is facinating exploring this side of myself and to think all it really took was some heartfelt encouragement. Truly heartfelt mind you. He encourages all of it, even the evil side that wants to take without giving. How did he put it?…. “I’d love to see a man grovel at your feet begging for release and you deliver only much tease and torture.”

I so wanted to write a more from my gut on this but I find that Maitre has taken my edge off… nothing like being rode hard and put up wet 😉