Looking up to the sky I saw the turning leaves above us and I felt your arms around me, your chi running through my body telling me I am yours. You cover me so completely. You encompass and devour me.


I am but the smallest waif in your long, loving, strong arms. I feel enveloped in you, your dominance, your desire and your love. I feel these things all the more when you take me in our little wooded grove by the stream. I feel all the smaller, all the more fragile, all the more vulnerable, all the more yours. My trust must go deeper and my desire to submit must be more complete there in the woods.


Looking up to the sky I saw the turning leaves above us and the world melted away. I give myself to you to do as you will. There is nothing beyond your touch, your voice. Your hunger for me, to claim me and own me is my world during those precious minutes. To sink to my knees and stay at your feet, to serve your sadistic hunger is my every desire in that bubble of time. To be that which elicits your depravity and need to consume, under that dome of green and gold, is my joy and fulfillment.


I love that my pain is your gift to me. I love that my pain is my gift to you.