A comment left by a dear friend got the hamsters spinning on their little wheels again.

At what point do you achieve reciprocity? Is there a point at which the drop on the other side becomes so weighty that it is more of a punishment than the euphoria and connection are rewards?

It may not happen. The euphoria may always out weigh the drop on the other end.

Or maybe it is an interaction between the heightened levels and life circumstances? Maybe it’s easier to take a deeper drop if you have more access to the person?

Alternately, perhaps the impact of the drop is mediated by the caliber of the relationship you have with your Dominant? Maybe the better the quality of the relationship the better able a submissive is to withstand the fall from the cliff on the other side. Maybe a better relationship has a buoying effect. Maybe it provides a safe place they can go back to in their minds even in the middle of the fall.

But what is certain is that if this is how you are wired, there is so much to gain. The intensity binds you, even if momentarily, to your Dominant with a clear and riveting connection. The intensity is transformative as well as cleansing and clarifying. If you forfeit the intensity out of fear of pain, physical or emotional, during or after, you forfeit all the possibilities that come with it.

BUT… you must be willing down to your very core to let go of your grasp on your well being, your fear of pain and your trepidation to entrust the very soul of your wellbeing to another (yes, those words are in the right order, and hopefully you have the right ‘other’). Because if you can’t let go of those things… at least I know this to be true for me….if you can’t let go of those things, and you cling to them, you keep part of yourself tucked away, held back, in reserve. And if you cling to the branch you can’t fly, now can you?