I’m lucky to have Maitre in my life.
In him I’ve found someone who knows what it’s about, someone who subbed before he dommed, someone who isn’t going to misuse the state of my head or going to misinterpret the state of my head. Someone who can sit over me, hold me, watch me as I float around out there (where ever you go with all those endorphins in your system,lol) and be happy he could do that for you but NOT blow it out of proportion.

That is exactly what he did Tuesday. I was curled around his knee, out there floating, thinking, feeling very high and very submissive to him all at the same time. We were talking quietly. I looked up at him to see him smiling down at me. I asked him why. His very simple answer? Happy to see me enjoying myself.

He knows its not love. He knows that it is just what it is (what ever THAT is, lol). Neither of us take it for any more or any less. Yes, it’s special in its own right but it just is what it is. And that is one of those things that is special about him. I’m safe, I’m cared for, I’m appreciated as a friend, a lover and his submissive and it’s all in the context of what it is.