Sometimes it’s the silly little things in a relationship that make it special. Actually, I would say that it is, more often than not, those silly little things that make a relationship glow or their lack that makes it mundane.


My joy in spending time with him, the reason he is special to me and becomes more special all the time, is not just how well our kinks fit together or how our D/s  needs compliment each other but is also in the little stuff.


I love the way he makes me giggle and feel like a little girl, not just a sexy woman. I love that he is playful one moment and growling in my ear the next.


He has many wonderful qualities I could list. But, as I sit at my desk this morning it is this one that speaks most to my heart. I tease him every now and again about how he has to stop being so sweet and thoughtful or I’ll fall in love with him. But in truth? It’s not how thoughtful he is, how he remembers my sick friends or asks about my girl that will make me fall. That type of thing can be blown off as social niceties, good manners. The types of things that will drop me? Well they are moments like this morning.