Between Maitre and J I haven’t been able to concentrate worth shit today.The other day I was rattling on about ‘my inner switch’. Well, it appears that she might be lurking in there after all. It just took the right circumstances and the right person for her to stick her head around the corner. It also took the right degree of encouragement AND discouragement to goad her into chaffing for the opportunity to stretch her fledgling wings. Hmmm… I wonder if Maitre knows what he did… I suspect he does.

Have you ever noticed what a strong statement “Yes but….” can be? It makes you want to reach beyond that “but”, beyond the limitation set by another.

So, I get the sole of my foot beaten with a green switch the other morning, why? For messing around with J. Really, it was hardly worth acknowledging. We just swapped a little spit hehehe… (ok so I’m a little whore). But before disciplining me Maitre tells me this…
I may play with J to a point, my clothes must stay on and J is not to bring me to orgasm.

There’s a whole lotta room for wiggle in the above. I’m sorry, that’s just a very hot carrot he stuck there for this little whore.

“Yes but….” now I’m hungry!