I have friends in New Orleans. Friends I consider dear despite the distance and years between us. Friends that are part of a little group of friends. Friends that this group worried sick over when we hadn’t heard from them in a weeks time in 2005. 

NOAA: National Hurricane Center say’s that Gustav weekend to a category three after hitting poor cuba and is expected to strengthen to a four before slamming into the Louisiana coast. 

They managed ok, when they finally returned home. He found work in hurricane cleanup and salvage, she went back to waiting tables. They only had to do minimal work on their home. Lucky to have it at all they never complained.  

So here we go again. I wonder how many people won’t go home this time. How many will choose to pack up and move elsewhere, tired of the struggle against the weather, the dank humidity that rots things before you very eye’s, the smothering wet blanket of summer and the bone chilling damp of a not quiet winter? 

NOLA is one of my favorite US cities. It truly has a character and culture all it’s own but god only knows I could never live there. The fact that the area is inhabited at all is truly a testament to the human spirt.