Ahem…. attention all readers…. [chirp of crickets can be heard]……tap tap tap…. is this thing on?….. attention all readers [more cricket chirping] …. I have been accused of being verbose… I shall heretofore make every effort not to be prolix; tedious, inflated, turgid; voluble, talkative or loquacious. Additionally, I would like to say…. what’s that? Keep it short? But…Oh ok ….. Umm…. never mind, thank you for your attention.


Seriously, Maitre told me he loves my blog but that I tend to be a bit wordy. This prompted me to take a more objective look at my writing. I have to say I agree. (Yes, dearheart, I know you didn’t mean it like that). I’ve also been the called the Queen of Parenthetical Clauses.  We have a trend here don’t we? So I am going to try to be more succinct but not less evocative in my prose. I’ve also noticed that I need to tighten up my spelling and editing in general. Hmm…I pretty bad at giving up addictions, we’ll have to see how I do.