Have you ever tried it?

I broke a wine glass last night out on the asphalt drive. I thought about sweeping it up but decided that it would be futile. So I just picked up the pieces as best I could, down to the littlest shard I could see.  

Another thing that is impossible: changing people.

You can’t change people. They can change themselves to an extent if they want to but you can’t do it for them.

Maitre, like me, has a history of infidieltiy. We aren’t bad people, we are just hungry people and people who bore easily sexually.  I must admit that I have thought about an “us”. Whether it is a function of human nature, the outgrowth of a relationship, or a latent desire or expectation I cannot say. That question is irrelevant. But I have thought about our histories and who we are. I thought about what those would mean. How hard would it be to have a marriage that embraces a poly-amorous nature?

How would it be to walk into a relationship like that, with your eyes wide open, knowing that it would be open, knowing that there would be others. The level of trust needed … could I ever trust that much? Is that something I have the capacity to do? I am by nature a jealous and possessive person. Am I that way because I have never really trusted? But conversely I have thought that type of relationship would be the only one that would ever truly work for me the truly long term. He thinks the same…given the right man, the right emotional connection, that I would be happily emotionally monogamous if I had someone to share my adventures with. That just seems to be some very big and serious “rights” that have to fall into place though.