In the beginning it was physical trust, it was quickly won. It then became emotional trust. Now I find it is combined, a trust in dynamic encompassing both the physical and emotional. I trust him to lead our dance to the edge and back again. I trust him to take it wonderful places, take us wonderful places.


In this trust my submissive self finds her presence. In this trust is the power to let go, to let him lead, to submit.


It’s just a little odd to feel my submissive self come bubbling up from its depths with out being in love. It’s this odd balance and I’m not quite sure I understand it.  It is completely unconscious. I respond to him as a friend, confidant and lover with sweet romantic overtones but certainly no head long rush in to love. Yet my submissive self and my sexual self respond to him seemingly of their own volition as if they are separate from me.  I kiss him, I move into his arms and the gently self-conscious space between us falls away. The cognitive quiets, the intuitive takes over and I simply respond to him. It’s natural and it’s complete, as if it has always been this way and should always be this way.  


It seems the submissive in me, the non-verbal and intuitive parts of me know home when they feel it.