How very quickly I become attached. I’m sitting here bumming that if I don’t see him for a little while Saturday morning, which is a problem, I may very well not see him again until the 13th of August or speak to him until the 12th. It sucks and I’m finding that I miss him, which makes me question how quickly I have become attached.

How quickly is too quickly? Do those boundaries change with D/s and kink? Does the intensity of our interaction foster being closer sooner? Or am I just so pitifully lonely and so needy that I’ve glommed on to the first kind soul that came along? This possibility worries. What does this say about me? How vulnerable does this leave me? Well that last one was a stupid question.

I do know is that right now I’d loved to be curled up with him, getting to know him better, absorbing more of him.

I also know that some intimacy right now would feel really good. Physical or psychological…I’m not picky. I just want to connect.