Garden in the Rain… It’s a sweet song, a gentle song, a romantic song… romantic without sexual innuendo.  When it came on I found that the feeling of it made me think of Maitre and only served to reinforce in me that there will be other sweet memories to come in the future. Sweet and loving memories. 

I could see he and I, I could feel us in that song. 

It’s ironic that such a sweet, gentle and romantic song should remind me so much of him. But its true, because, despite the kink, despite the D/s…both of which are very real and visceral…the pulse I feel off of him is so often like that, sweet and romantic. I cherish it and love him for it. Love him for his ability to be intensely sexually hard while embodying this truely warm and sweet side.

His pulse comes through his heart… he, like me, wants it all.