One hundred years ago the fact that life was work was a given. People didn’t long for more. They didn’t ache for emotional fulfillment. They didn’t crave connection. They were, very simply, happy to be alive. The changes wrought in the past 100 years have not only changed what we have, how long we live…generally speaking… all things material but they have also changed our hearts and minds, our very souls.

Now we have the luxury of discontent. Some luxury that is, eh? Now we have time to examine our deepest desires and pine away for them. For some it is still material goods but for many, even for those who don’t realize it, what they pine away for is far less concrete. Of course the problem with the incorporeal is that it is ephemeral, by it’s very nature subject to whimsy and change.

So my question is this… how do we know we are seeking the Holy Grail? How do we know that we aren’t just chasing after an illusion, a shape-shifting spright, a siren calling to us, which will only cause us to run us aground and in so doing ruin what we’ve worked so hard to build?

How does one learn to be content with ones lot in life? Is being content with ones life “settling”? Is it for those who lack imagination? Or is it that those who seek change, who seek to live a fulfilled life are only trying to fill avoid that must be filled from within?

Joy oh joy… what a way to start the week.

Just for the record I would like to say that I choose to believe that those of us who seek are hungry for life. We are intelligent and curious, and that these qualities are reflected in our many hungers. (yes, I know, I’m rationalizing).